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Suppliers and partners

Suppliers and partners

For us, business to business means developing, valuable partnerships.

Series production suppliers


As a series production supplier you support the production process by delivering parts or modules.

General procurement


As a non-production supplier you support us in a wide variety of ways.

Development partner


As a development partner you assist AUDI AG as a service provider in the context of vehicle development.

Planning partner


As a planning partner you assist AUDI AG in the planning of plant or machinery for the production of our vehicles.

Building planning partner


As a planning partner in works planning you assist us as a service provider in the planning, construction and maintenance of buildings and of the entire infrastructure.

Other partners


Even if none of the aforementioned descriptions apply to you, there are specific tools available for your collaboration with AUDI AG.

Overview applications


Here you will find an overview of the most important B2B tools for business partners of AUDI AG.

(IT) Security Guidelines


The IT security regulations which must be observed for the use of information and communication devices are summarised in these IT security handling guidelines for various user groups.

E-mail encryption


Confidential and secret information may only be transmitted in encrypted form over the internet from and to AUDI AG.

Informationen auf Deutsch


Finden Sie hier alle Informationen über Lieferanten und Partner.