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Audi Sommerkonzerte 2021

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Audi Sommerkonzerte digital for the first time

As a consequence of the coronavirus crisis, in its jubilee year 2020 the festival took place on a smaller scale but with some big names – and in a new digital dimension. The concert series “Together for Music” was streamed live to delight thousands of listeners on every continent. The Solidarity Concert, performed earlier on 14 April 2020, was heard and seen by a quarter of a million people across the world.

Together for Music

Special signs for special times: whereas other festivals and concerts were cancelled in 2020, an online version of the Audi Sommerkonzerte was held in the year of their 30th jubilee. Under the motto “Together for Music”, high-caliber artists joined together for concerts from 2 to 5 July 2020 at the invitation of the artistic director, Lisa Batiashvili.

The performances took place on the Audi site and were streamed live via Internet. A small audience had the opportunity to attend selected concerts, while complying with health and safety requirements. Thanks to this gesture, employees of Audi and music fans had the opportunity to attend the concerts in person with the musicians. For loyal festival audiences, small open-air concerts were also held in Ingolstadt.

Audi also sent out a signal at the beginning of the pandemic: streamed live across the globe from the company’s Press Shop, on 14 April 2020 a Solidarity Concert by Lisa Batiashvili & friends was shared with more than a quarter of a million listeners. The violinist, who lives in Munich, shared the stage with the well-known oboist and conductor François Leleux, who is her husband, and with the star cellist Maximilian Hornung, his partner the violinist Sarah Christian, and the viola player Jano Lisboa.

What the media said

“This high-class quintet (…) took to the literary concert experiment with evident delight. Playing impressively together and with full, tangible concentration, for Franz Schubert’s well-known piano quintet the musicians conjured a remarkable experience of nature for guests on the spot and in the worldwide web. This was enhanced by Katja Riemann’s (…) recitation of Christian Friedrich Schubert’s Romantic poem The Trout.” (Neuburger Rundschau, 4 July 2020, on the concert The Power of Nature on 2 July 2020)

“Possibly the most fascinating aspect of all in Iván Fischer’s style of conducting: his feeling for timing, for the right moment of the happening. He gives calmness and space to the orchestra. (…) This was also true of the second work of the evening, Les Illuminations by Benjamin Britten with the fantastic Berlin soprano Anna Prohaska. Here too, in the accompaniment by string orchestra, the sound seems expansive and unusually chromatic. (…) Prohaska sings it with the utmost expressiveness, the utmost sensuality and also the utmost clarity, as string sounds of the wonderful orchestra rage around her.” (Donaukurier, 4 July 2020 on the concert by the Budapest Festival Orchestra conducted by Iván Fischer with the soprano Anna Prohaska on 3 July 2020)

In the 30 years of their existence, again and again the Sommerkonzerte have been able to invite some of the most remarkable and the best musicians and ensembles in the world to come to the Ingolstadt region. The performance by Quatuor Ébène can take its place in the tiny selection of the absolutely best concerts of all.” (Donaukurier, 5 July 2020 on the concert by Quatuor Ébène on 4 July 2020)

At this year’s Audi Sommerkonzerte, the exceptional cellist Maximilian Hornung twice appeared: at the first concert in the Museum Mobile with Schubert and then at the crowning conclusion to the series with the Camerata Salzburg and the festival’s artistic director Lisa Batiashvili, conducted by François Leleux. Hornung, who was born in Augsburg, excelled with a flawless and sensitively rendered Concerto for Cello and Orchestra composed by Dmitri Shostakovich.” (Kulturkanal Ingolstadt, 9 July 2020 in an interview with Maximilian Hornung)

“Lisa Batiashvili showed once more what a fantastic violinist she is. In the arrangement of Johann Sebastian Bach’s chorale “Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ," the melody flowed from her instrument with superhuman smoothness and warmth. In Stephan Koncz's The Lark, she demonstrated an almost jazzy, groovy virtuosity. Masterly! At the conclusion, Batiashvili briefly stood in front of the orchestra, beamed, and said that the festival "was above all a triumph over the virus.” But in truth it was much more than that: a triumph for herself, a fantastic violinist and artistic director of the Sommerkonzerte.” (Donaukurier, 6 July 2020 on the concert by the Camerata Salzburg with François Leleux, Maximilian Hornung and Lisa Batiashvili on 5 July 2020)

This year the program almost consisted of a summer without concerts in place of the summer concerts. But things turned out differently, especially because Audi, innovatively and with great passion, had seen the signs of the times and put its faith in the trend to digitalization. (…) Almost everything about this festival was successful beyond measure, as if a lucky star had shone above it just at the time of the coronavirus crisis. (…) Thanks to the outstanding artists (…) it was a magnificent festival year that reached out the Audi community in every last corner of the globe. (Donaukurier, 14 July 2020 on the Audi Sommerkonzerte 2020)

Solidarity Concert by Lisa Batiashvili & friends

On 14 April Lisa Batiashvili and other renowned musicians sent out a sign of solidarity in times of crisis from Ingolstadt. The Press Shop at Audi became a virtual concert hall! “Music connects people across borders,” as the artistic director of the Audi Sommerkonzerte emphasized. “We hope we succeeded in giving a moment of optimism and joy to many listeners.”

The violinist, who lives in Munich, shared the stage with the well-known oboist and conductor François Leleux, who is her husband, and with the star cellist Maximilian Hornung, his partner the violinist Sarah Christian, and the viola player Jano Lisboa. The works performed by these artists included pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The program was presented by the Munich moderator Alexander Mazza.

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