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Driving modules

The Audi driving experience center in Neuburg an der Donau offers a variety of driving experiences: from R8 driver training on the handling course to driver safety training on the dynamic grounds, to the off-road experience in the Audi Q models or the Audi e-tron.

The handling course

The new handling course offers the ideal ingredients for sampling one of the most dynamic forms of motoring. On a circuit up to 2,2 kilometres long you can learn under the professional guidance of our instructors with proven motorsport credentials how to follow the racing line cleanly and safely, and master new driving challenges.

The dynamic driving area

The 30,000 square metre dynamic driving area with its watering system provides ample space for traditional driving and safety training courses aimed at teaching the principles of safe vehicle handling under realistic conditions.

The off-road handling course

The site in Neuburg an der Donau with its challenging off-road handling course offers a great many opportunities to familiarise yourself with the benefits of the quattro drive under off-road conditions. Challenges include negotiating inclines and fording through water, along with wading troughs, see-saws and steep inclines/descents with a tilt of up to 55 percent in the appropriate Audi models.