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Audi RS 4 Avant: Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km: 8,8; CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 201

Intensive training

Tackle new challenges and higher speeds in the Audi RS 4 Avant* or the Audi A8 55 TFSI quattro*. Through a series of demanding handling exercises, you can perfect your driving skills through our one-on-one intensive training.*

Explore your limits. Take control of the situation.

Push the limits of handling under the guidance of our team of professional instructors. In driving exercises that will put your coordination to the test and with in-depth support, you will be able to achieve lasting improvement in your potential as a driver.

Not only is it an enormous amount of fun, but this training provides an opportunity to drive on the edge and to train yourself to maintain control of your vehicle in similar situations. The numerous exercises and one-on-one training with plenty of practical driving make this a particularly effective training course.

All information about the training
Price per person:
Neuburg an der Donau: €1,300 including statutory VAT
Gross Dölln: €1,500 including statutory VAT
Also included in price:
Two nights (single room) at the Hotel Döllnsee Schorfheide including buffet dinner, buffet lunch as well as selected drinks, for the training in Gross Dölln
Number of participants (one per car):
Minimum of five, maximum of ten
Training vehicles:
Audi RS 4 Avant*
Audi A8 55 TFSI quattro*
Training venues:
Neuburg an der Donau (with Audi RS 4 Avant*)
Groß Dölln (with Audi A8 55 TFSI quattro*)
Training duration:
Neuburg an der Donau: one day of training (no overnight stay)
Gross Dölln: One day of training (two overnight stays)
Training language:
German and English
Dates at Neuburg an der Donau with Audi RS 4 Avant*:
October 30, 2021 (fully booked)
Dates at Gross Dölln with Audi A8 55 TFSI quattro*:
October 15–17, 2021 (fully booked)

Training vehicles

  • 883x496_rs4_2020_1504.jpg
    Audi RS 4 Avant*

    Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km: 8,8; CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 201

  • rs4.gif
  • 883x496_A1713856_large_a8.jpg
    Audi A8 55 TFSI quattro*

    Fuel consumption combined in l/100 km: 8,3-8,1; CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 191-186