Hot action in the cold of winter

Audi e-tron on ice

It’s not just in the summer that you can experience sheer fun at the wheel with the Audi driving experience. We organise exciting events in the winter too – like in January during the Ski World Cup in St. Anton am Arlberg. Around 1,500 participants got the opportunity to try out a fleet of Audi e-tron vehicles on snow and ice – and to experience for themselves the sportiness of this brand-new model, the world’s first all-electric SUV.

Participants had the opportunity to put the dynamic handling of the Audi e-tron to the test on a drift and slalom course and demonstrate its off-road capabilities on an off-road course – and needed little convincing: the two electric motors developing up to 300 kW and a maximum 664 Nm, the electric all-wheel drive and numerous intelligently networked suspension systems deliver optimum quattro performance on any terrain. Another advantage of the electric SUV is its low centre of gravity. The low installation position of the drive components and the high-voltage battery contributes substantially to the electric SUV’s high transverse dynamics. In this way, the centre of gravity of the Audi e-tron is on a par with that of a saloon car. The axle load distribution with a ratio of almost 50:50 is also perfectly balanced and is adjusted to the driving situation.

“It was incredible fun driving the Audi e-tron”, the participants commented enthusiastically. “Despite its size, the car is incredibly agile, the power response is very direct. And the off-road characteristics were equally compelling”, was the feedback received time and again during the event. The performance of the Audi e-tron proved instantly appealing: “It was my first contact with electric mobility – and in extreme conditions on ice and snow to boot”, one female participant said. “That’s why I was somewhat sceptical at the start. But the Audi e-tron handled superbly and was really easy to drive. And the drivetrain is so quiet that all you could hear was the spikes crunching on the ice. That on its own was very unusual.”

The driving experience with the Audi e-tron was also offered as part of other Ski World Cup races. And there too, positive feedback came fast and furious. “It was great to see how quickly the participants really warmed to the Audi e-tron. It’s a great accolade for Audi that Audi’s first all-electric volume-production model is going down so well”, is how Christopher Broeker, project manager of the Audi driving experience, sums it up.

Fuel consumption*/emissions figures*:

  • Audi RS 5 Coupé: Fuel consumption in l/100 km: urban 12,4; extra-urban 7,1 – 7,0; combined 9,1 – 9,0; CO₂ emissions in g/km: combined 197; Efficiency rating: E/EU6
  • Audi A8 50 TDI quattro: Fuel consumption in l/100 km: urban 6,5 – 6,3; extra-urban 5,5 – 5,1; combined 5,8 – 5,6; CO₂ emissions in g/km: combined 152 – 145; Efficiency rating: A/EU6
  • Audi e-tron 55 quattro: Electric power consumption combined in kWh/100 km: 26,2 - 22,5; CO₂ emissions in g/km: combined 0; Efficiency rating: A/EU6
  • Audi R8 Coupé V10 performance quattro: Fuel consumption in l/100 km: urban 20,0; extra-urban 9,0; combined 13,1; CO₂ emissions in g/km: combined 297; Efficiency rating: G/EU6
  • Audi R8 Spyder V10 performance quattro: Fuel consumption in l/100 km: urban 20,2; extra-urban 9,2; combined 13,3; CO₂ emissions in g/km: combined 301; Efficiency rating: G/EU6
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