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Comfort and complete reliability

Representing your country is an honourable and challenging task: in the diplomatic service, perfection and outstanding performance are required on all levels. Anyone who is equal to this challenge also has the highest level of standards with respect to his car – and quite rightly so. We are therefore delighted that you are interested in our vehicles. After all, an Audi will fulfill your requirements in unique style.

The Audi Diplomatic Sales team will make you, as members of the diplomatic service (in possession of a diplomatic passport and provided that the car will be registered inside the European Economic Area or in Switzerland), an exclusive offer. The following are examples of customer groups that are eligible to take part in the Audi Diplomatic Sales program:

- Diplomats in the European Economic Area and in Switzerland
- Embassies and consulates in the European Economic Area and in Switzerland
- international State institutions/organisations based in the European Economic Area and in Switzerland
- German and non-German citizens employed by international institutions and missions, consulates (general), embassies and owning a diplomatic passport
- German citizens, in possession of a diplomatic passport, who have been/are to be sent on official assignments abroad

Purchasing and ordering

When you buy a new car in Germany, you automatically receive a two-year warranty. You are welcome to discuss any further details with our Audi Diplomatic Sales office or with an Audi dealer of your choice.

Contact details

We will be delighted to accompany you in person on your journey into the fascinating world of Audi. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kindly note that for diplomats based outside the European Economic Area, information about availability and conditions regarding Diplomatic Sales Programs lie under the jurisdiction of the relevant country.

For more information, please contact the respective General Audi Importer. You will find the contact details with country locator at www.audi.com.
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