Audi charge and explore
Ein Auto lädt an einer Ladestation

Audi charge and explore

Charge and explore App

Maximum flexibility – both in your daily life and when travelling

You have a long-distance trip ahead of you? The seamless planning of charging stops combined with activities will turn every journey in your electric car into an experience. Whether in a place of your choice or in your current surroundings, you will find a charging station where you enjoy spending time.

This is a great way to combine the necessary with the enjoyable and discover both new charging stations and new experiences.

e-tron driver / Audi BEV driver

The perfect blend of individual preferences and charging convenience

Choose experiences from a range of categories and spend your charging time as you please. Discover a restaurant for lunch, do your weekly shopping, go for a walk in the countryside or simply be inspired.

  • Restaurants
  • Going for a walk
  • Cafés and bakeries
  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Food and drugstores
  • Family & kids
  • Leisure activities

Just a few steps to plan your personal charging experience

1. Your charging stop

Plan your perfect charging stop tailored to your needs. Charging stations are selected based on your planning preferences and included into the route.

2. Your experience

Discover a variety of restaurants, cafes, leisure activities and more near charging stations. Select suitable experiences for your charging break.

3. Your ideal route

The system calculates the ideal route, taking into account your chosen experiences and preferences. Make your charging stops the highlight of your journey.