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Extended Vehicle Data service for service providers

Welcome to Audi Extended Vehicle for service providers! Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Use our information that is available for download to access the interface as well as sample responses to familiarise yourself with our technical environment.

Frequently asked questions by service providers

How can I register for Audi Extended Vehicle as a service provider?

Please contact us at

How can an Audi vehicle user grant approval for data output?

The service provider uploads their available vehicle identification numbers to the Audi Extended Vehicle portal. The vehicle users are then determined and a request for approval is sent. The vehicle user receives an email notification and now has the possibility to grant approval or reject it. To do this, they are redirected to the myAudi customer portal.

How does a service provider find out whether approval was granted or revoked?

The approval status can be viewed in the Extended Vehicle portal.

How often can vehicle data be accessed?

The frequency with which the vehicle data can be accessed depends on the use case. It can vary from hourly to weekly. For pay as you drive and vehicle status, the vehicle data is made available for access on a weekly basis. In the first notification of loss use case, the data can be accessed via the interface on an hourly basis.

Is it possible to access a data history?

A history of the vehicle data is not created for reasons relating to data protection. Only the last data record sent by the vehicle can be made available.

Is the data accessed according to the push or the pull principle?

The data can be accessed only via the pull principle at this time.