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Vehicle Users

How the Extended Vehicle Data Service works

Your vehicle generates a large amount of data that can help to offer you products that are tailored precisely to meet your needs.

When you as a vehicle user or Audi customer would like to employ a certain service of a service provider and have released your data to be passed on to the service provider, the requesting company receives the necessary data in secure and encrypted form.

You can find a list of vehicles that have technology that enables them to make use of the Extended Vehicle Data Service here:

If your vehicle is on the list, further requirements must be fulfilled. These are listed below.
Voraussetzungen in Ihrem Fahrzeug für Extended Vehicle Data Service

Requirement for the use of the Extended Vehicle Data Service:

  • The vehicle is a vehicle from the Audi brand
  • The vehicle is equipped with an installed and active SIM card
  • The vehicle owner is registered as the main user and has granted access to the vehicle data

Is my data secure?

Top-level data security made by Audi

Your vehicle telematics data is passed on to a service provider specified by you only with your express approval and only in the context of a clear purpose. Audi checks all service providers in advance.

The service provider is granted access to your vehicle’s telematics data only with your approval. Telematics data is not passed on to the service provider in any other way.

The entire process relies on complete transparency towards you as an Audi customer.
Extended Vehicle Data Service bietet Servicepartnern die Möglichkeit, Ihnen auf Basis Ihrer Fahrzeugdaten personalisierte Services anzubieten.

Advantages for Audi customers

  • You benefit from the latest vehicle technology and customised products from service providers or Audi
  • You decide whether and to whom you want to make your data available
  • We guarantee that we will forward the data to the service provider securely and in encrypted form and only for the purpose approved by you
  • You can pause (privacy settings in the vehicle) or cancel (revocation of the approval in myAudi) the data transmission at any time
  • You have complete control over your data

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