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Our Mission is your Protection!

We are determined to take action against those who use our trademark without authorisation. We search for them, have their parts confiscated, have a warning issued to them, sue them or take criminal action against them. This applies, in particular, to those who put counterfeit Audi spare parts into circulation, thereby endangering people's health and life. In this way, we want to protect you, our customers, and ensure that you can rely on our name and the quality standards that go with it. In order to achieve this, we need your support! Report suspicious Audi products to us and please only buy ones from reliable sources. Thank you. Your Audi brand protection team

  • approx.

  • 200


  • per year worldwide

  • approx.

  • 100

    million euros

  • in value confiscated for counterfeit goods per year

  • approx.

  • 600

    legal measures

  • per year
    (criminal, civil, administrative)

Our course of action

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Product categories of counterfeits


Evidence of counterfeits

  • Unclean packaging

  • Spelling errors on packaging/label

  • No part number

  • (9-14 digit numeric letter code)

  • Poor product quality

  • Missing logo sequence on cardboard box/packaging

  • Low purchase price

Coupling rod comparison

Measures by Audi

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    Border confiscation measures
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    Market observations
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    Legal measures


  • for customers

  • Danger to health and life
    Loss of warranty claim

  • for Audi

  • Financial losses

  • for counterfeiters

  • Criminal prosecution
    Civil action