Privacy Notice for Audi Configurator app

The provider of the Audi Configurator app (“App”) and the responsible entity for the collection, processing, transmission and utilisation (“use”) of your personal data in connection with the use of the App is AUDI AG, Auto-Union-Strasse 1, 85057 Ingolstadt, Germany, unless stated otherwise in this Privacy Notice.

For the different functions of the App (“Services”), the Notice sets out which data is used for which purpose and by whom within the context of the various Services.

Personal data is used by Audi only if this is permitted by law or you have consented to use of your data.

1. Collection, processing and utilisation of your personal data by Audi

Audi collects, processes and utilises the data which you enter in the App or which arises in the utilisation of the Services that Audi provides through the App (see the information on the specific Services in section 6 and Location data). Audi uses the data to provide and carry out the Services.

2. Installation and activation of the App

When installing and activating the App you are requested to grant Audi access to the following additional functions on your mobile device: camera, photos/media/files, location.

3. Camera

An Audi Code can be called up alphanumerically or by using a QR code. To call up an Audi QR code, the App requires access to the camera function on your mobile device.

4. Photos/media/files

The App requires access to photos/media/files in order to save photos of your configuration and to file them in the photo album on your mobile device.

5. Location data

Some Services require information about your location. If you have granted permission for this on your mobile device or have granted such permission for specific functions (as set out in section 6), Audi collects the geographical position of your mobile device. Data on your location is utilised only to process your enquiry. Your location data is transmitted only in the sampling interval that is necessary for the functioning of the relevant App Service.

6. Scope of the App’s functions

The Audi Configurator App facilitates the configuration of new (personal) cars in the Audi model series A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, TT, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7 and R8 and all S and RS models.

The Configurator App offers the full range of Audi features including all series and special equipment and Audi Genuine Accessories®. As well as examining the models, you can save your configured models in your myAudi Account and call up saved configurations. To do this, you need to have a myAudi Account you have already set up or to register with myAudi at When you are registering, the myAudi page provides you with comprehensive information about the handling of your personal data. If you already have a myAudi Account, the App requires the following data from you for login on myAudi [e-mail / user name, password]. This data is not stored in the App.

In addition, you can share completed configurations with friends on Facebook. Once a configuration has been successfully completed, the user has the option of logging in on the new (pop-up) Facebook login screen in order to share or recommend the configuration.

Furthermore, a PDF with all the details can be created.

Following configuration, the App can be used to generate an Audi Code. An Audi Code refers to a saved configuration, which can be called up in any Audi Configurator. The Audi Code consists of eight characters, includes letters and numbers, and contains the saved configuration data but not personal data such as the IP or Mac address of your device.

The App also enables a configuration to be called up using the function of a QR code scan.
Dealers can use the Audi Code to load the configuration created and to provide you with further advice. You can use the App’s dealer search function to find a suitable dealer and their contact details.

7. Usage profiles

Insofar as is legally permitted, Audi creates usage profiles for the purposes of advertising, market research or designing the App in line with needs. The profiles are compiled either without personal reference or only with the use of pseudonyms. You can at any time request that pseudonyms are not used – please e-mail

8. Transfer of personal data

Audi does not transfer your personal data to third parties unless you have consented to the transfer of your data or we are authorised or obligated to provide the data by legal provisions and/or official or judicial orders.

9. Data security

Audi gives high priority to data security. We take up-to-date technical and organisational measures among others to protect data and we now make focused use of recognised and tested mechanisms and standards from embedded security. We extend the security mechanisms when developing new functions in order to meet current data privacy standards and to ensure corresponding data security through up-to-date technical and organisational measures.

10. Your rights and contact information

You have the right to receive information regarding your personal data stored with Audi. To request information or the rectification, blocking or deletion of personal data stored with Audi, please contact AUDI AG, Auto-Union-Strasse 1, 85057 Ingolstadt, Germany, telephone: +49 841 89 0, or e-mail: If you connect your myAudi Account with the App, you can also inspect personal data at any time through your myAudi Account and update or delete this data.

10. Amendment to Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Notice at any time with future effect. The most current version of the Privacy Notice is available in the App under the “Legal notice / Privacy” menu item. Please refer to this information on a regular basis and inform yourself of the current Privacy Notice.
Version: June 2017