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Suppliers and partners

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Suppliers and partners

For us, business to business means developing, valuable partnerships.

Series production suppliers 320x160_AU110324_large.jpg

As a series production supplier you support the production process by delivering parts or modules.

General procurement 320x160_Panoramabild_retuschiert_72dpi.jpg

As a non-production supplier you support us in a wide variety of ways.

Development partner 320x160__aa6_p_10204.jpg

As a development partner you assist AUDI AG as a service provider in the context of vehicle development.

Planning partner 320x160_ADIV_P_10375.jpg

As a planning partner you assist AUDI AG in the planning of plant or machinery for the production of our vehicles.

Building planning partner 320x160_Raw.Par.0028.Image.jpg

As a planning partner in works planning you assist us as a service provider in the planning, construction and maintenance of buildings and of the entire infrastructure.

Other partners 320x160_ADIV_P_10258.jpg

Even if none of the aforementioned descriptions apply to you, there are specific tools available for your collaboration with AUDI AG.

Overview applications 320x160_AU130288_large.jpg

Here you will find an overview of the most important B2B tools for business partners of AUDI AG.

Information security guidelines 320x160_AU050106.jpg

The information security regulations which must be observed for the use of information and communication devices are summarised in these information security guidelines for various user groups.

E-mail encryption 320x160_ADIV_P_10291.jpg

Confidential and secret information may only be transmitted in encrypted form over the internet from and to AUDI AG.

Data protection 320x160_AA6_E_181001.jpg

You can find the data protection notice for business partners on the ONE.Konzern Business Plattform in the area EU-GDPR.

Informationen auf Deutsch 320x160_audi_10.jpg

Finden Sie hier alle Informationen über Lieferanten und Partner.