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R8 sports car manufacture

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Dear visitors,

the supply of semiconductors remains tight worldwide. As a result, we must continue to expect short-term adjustments in production at all our locations. This volatile situation makes it difficult to reliably plan tours of Audi production. To avoid cancellations at short notice, we have decided not to offer physical plant tours until further notice. However, you are cordially invited to experience the production digitally with the live tours of Audi Stream. Simply select the appropriate time slot and topic and register.

Or visit us at the Audi Forum and take part in an exciting and informative tour of our facility. Secure your place in the online ticket shop. We will inform you here as soon as factory tours are available again.


High-tech and craftsmanship

Experience first-hand how the high-performance sports car Audi R8 is manufactured with exclusive handicraft. Visit the manufacturing and in doing so discover many elements of the plant of the future.

On the tour, you will experience the production process of the high-performance sports car Audi R8 from body construction to assembly and the first start of the engine.

At the beginning of the tour you will see the assembly of the body which is composed of a multi-material construction, namely aluminium and carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). Afterwards you visit the installation process in which the bodies do not run "statically" over a production line as in the case of mass production, rather are transported to the individual processing stations using automated guided vehicles (AGV). The Audi R8 itself is just as unique as its production.


Currently not available
German, English
2 hours
Group size:
max. 15 people, only bookable as a group
Price per group:
200 EUR

A bus brings visitors from the meeting point at the Audi Forum Neckarsulm to the Böllinger Höfe industrial park located six kilometres away.


Please register for all tours in advance.
Phone: 0800 - 2834468
E-mail: welcome@audi.de