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Electrifying world of experiences

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Electrifying world of experiences

The new exhibition space on the first floor will delight visitors with numerous exhibits on the topics of zero-emission mobility and pioneering technology. Exciting technical innovations will be presented, as well as numerous e-tron models.

The world of experiences will entertain visitors with a demonstration film of a special kind. You will sit in an Aurora Violet Audi Q4 e-tron1 and receive detailed insights into how the projection into the windshield works directly from the head-up display. What's more, the head-up display features augmented reality. For example, features of some assistance systems or the directional arrows of the navigation system are displayed to the driver here in floating form. In the second part of the demonstration film, which is also presented via the head-up display, you can learn more about the design elements of the Audi Q4 e-tron1. A second specimen in Geyser Blue allows you to view the function and design of the headlights in detail. A tablet makes it possible to display one of four signatures of the daytime running lights or the indicator.

Furthermore, the exhibition gives you a glimpse under the sheet metal. A battery exhibit from the Audi
e-tron1 reveals what provides the drive between the two axles. The high-voltage battery system in 1:1 scale (2.28 metres long, 1.63 metres wide and 34 centimetres high) is freely accessible. Even more information on the battery and charging technology can be found in the exhibition space, including a demonstration of the charging equipment.

To go into more depth on the topic of efficiency through aerodynamics, the e-tron GT Lounge also welcomes visitors with numerous exhibits that can be freely explored. Among other things, an aerodynamically optimised rear-view mirror of the Audi e-tron GT1 can be examined, as well as two different rims, which, again, are intended to place the focus on maximum efficiency. You will see for yourself from a component of the chassis that comfort is not neglected either. The same applies to safety, which is illustrated by means of a ceramic brake and a carbide brake.