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Tradition and progress

Even the unusual architecture, which behind the fully glazed facade shows the principle of the annual rings of a tree trunk, symbolically combines duration and change. Modern presentation techniques with pictures, presentations, and multimedia elements put the numerous exhibits into their historical context and bring the past to life. The corporate history of today's AUDI AG is also addressed as is the rapid technological development of the automotive industry in the last century. By embedding the exhibits in economic and social conditions, the museum mobile is much more than just an art museum: A visit is not just a walk through the entire history of the automobile, but also a fascinating look back at the 20th century with its revolutionary changes.

The 2G-Plus regulation applies in the Audi museum mobile. You can visit these areas if you are fully vaccinated or deemed to be recovering and can provide proof of this, as well as a valid negative Corona test. The 2G rule applies in the museum shop. You can visit these areas if you are fully vaccinated or considered recovered and provide proof of this.

Please note the hygiene regulations, distance rules and the current coronavirus rules.

Guided tours

Moving stories: Learn about the impressive history of the brand at the Audi museum mobile.


Take an informative tour of our exhibitions.

Museum shop

In our museum shop you can purchase special gifts and mementos.

Virtual tours

Embark on virtual tours through the individual levels of the Audi museum mobile.