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Discovery tours

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Discovery tours

History and stories that move. The impressive history of the Audi brand can be vividly experienced in the Audi museum mobile, as can the history of individual mobility. An informative and entertaining experience.

A tour through Audi history in three parts

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Discovering Audi museum mobile

Offer (available languages)
The history of the Four Rings (DE/EN)
In this tour, visitors to the Audi museum mobile learn about the most important facts and models in the history of the Audi company.
60 min.
Compact museum tour (DE/EN)
In this half-hour compact tour, you will get to know the Audi museum mobile’s most impressive exhibits: beautiful cars, fast cars and cars with history.
30 min.
Children’s museum rally (DE/EN)
A fun activity-based discovery tour of the Audi museum mobile (not a guided tour, please accompany your children).

Museum entry day ticket

In the Audi museum mobile, you can go on an entertaining trip back in time and find out about facts and models in the history of the Audi company (floors 3 and 2). There may be an additional special exhibition on the first floor.
“Streamlined?” – a tour of the special exhibition (DE/EN)
Car manufacturing and aerodynamics from 1900 – 1945.
30 min.
Maximum of 20 participants per tour.
Recommended minimum age of 10 years, 1 adult for every 3 children under the age of 14