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Fascinating exhibitions

The permanent exhibition is the heart of the museum mobile. From entrance level 0, the lift as a "time machine" takes you back to 1899 on level 3, where the tour begins. The two levels for the permanent exhibition, 1899 to 1945 and 1946 to 2000 are each divided into seven sections. Each section has an overview of the single epoch. Text and images address the relationship between automobiles, technology, and society.

Multimedia presentations and hands-on exhibits

The exhibits are the highlights of the permanent exhibition. More than 100 cars and motorcycles illustrate the history of the company. The icons of Audi's impressive motorsport history are presented on a paternoster that moves permanently through all levels of the building. Great events of the history of the four rings, such as the merger to form the Auto Union in 1932, are explained in multimedia productions and make you an eyewitness to history. The art gallery with interactive hands-on exhibits additionally give an overview of the most significant milestones in the development of the automobile.